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"Success Requires Information"
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Private Investigations, Hire The Best!

SUCCESSFUL DECISIONS require timely and accurate information. Pipkins Investigations provides professionals from a wide variety of industries with the vital information they must have to make those decisions. Our client base includes America’s top lawyers who rely heavily on our private investigators to garner critical evidence about witnesses and other parties to win their cases. We are also engaged by the world’s most savvy corporate executives who utilize Pipkins Investigations for employee vetting, intellectual property protection along with their merger and acquisition asset investigations. Many of the insurance industry’s most experienced claims managers rely on our investigators to determine the validity of their claims through interviews and field surveillance. Diligent human resource executives utilize Pipkins Investigation to verify employee information and to assist with internal investigations.

For over 25 years, we have been providing our clients with the information and evidence they need to make winning decisions. Our agency is large enough to handle the most sophisticated investigation, but nimble enough to manage the most discreet personal matter. We have developed the finest resources and most experienced personnel. A majority of our investigators have decades of experience in all facets of investigation cases. We are eager to assist you in collecting the evidence and information for your personal and professional decisions to help you succeed.

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